QUADSIGHT Unique Characteristics


Near 100% obstacle detection with near zero false alerts

All Obstacles

Detect any object, regardless of shape, form or material

All Weather

Operates under all weather and lighting conditions 


Based on mature proprietary technology 

3D Image Analysis 

Advanced algorithms for accurate depth analysis and obstacle detection

Non-emitting Sensor

Interference and hazard free

Sensor Fusion 

Fusing visible-light and infrared cameras for seamless 24/7 vision

Automatic Calibration

Full aspect auto-calibration for system robustness

Foresight’s breakthrough QuadSight system sets a new bar for autonomous vehicle vision – it features near 100% obstacle detection with near zero false alerts, under all weather and lighting conditions (including complete darkness, rain, haze, fog and glare).


The QuadSight system, a first of its kind quad-camera multi-spectral vision solution, is driven by advanced and proven image processing algorithms. The system is a seamless fusion of 4 cameras – 2 sets of stereoscopic long-wave infrared (thermal) and visible-light cameras, enabling highly accurate and reliable obstacle detection.

Infrared camera

Infrared camera

Visible-light camera

Visible-light camera

QUADSIGHT Specifications

 Operational under all weather and lighting conditions



Selective region of interest

< 5%* DEPTH ACCURACY @ 100M**

Accurate and reliable

35CM X 25CM @100M

Extra-small object detection under environmental lightning


Relies on 3D automatic calibration


Wide or narrow angle

UP TO 250M**

Long range detection

*   Depending on the scene

** Assumes a minimum baseline of 25cm for visible-light cameras and 80cm for infrared cameras.
  Specifications may be tailored according to a customer’s requirements.

The website presents our current demo system. Appearance, placement of cameras and manner of integration of final product into a vehicle may significantly vary based on a customer's requirements.

All images are for illustrative purposes only. Design, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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