V2X Cellular-Based Accident Prevention Solution

The Eye-Net V2X (vehicle to everything) cellular-based accident prevention solution is designed to provide real-time pre-collision alerts to pedestrians and vehicles. 


The Eye-Net solution is deployed on smartphones and cloud-based servers which rely on existing cellular networks, eliminating the need for designated hardware.

Designed to provide a complementary layer of protection beyond traditional advanced driver assistance systems, the Eye-Net solution extends protection to road users who are not in direct line of sight, and not covered by other alerting systems.


Foresight’s Eye-Net solution is aimed for the most vulnerable road users and is optimized for both urban environments and high-speed scenarios.


The phone is aware of its location and constantly transmits it to Eye-Net servers

The Eye-Net servers send the location of other devices in the vicinity to each device, effectively making each device aware of the road users around it

The Eye-Net application constantly searches for potential collisions

Once an oncoming collision is detected, immediate visual and audio alerts are sent out to all users involved



The application runs as a background process on iOS and Android-based mobile phones

In case of an oncoming collision, the application provides immediate visual, audio and haptic alerts

Supports both urban and highway environments

Advanced algorithmic solution for compensation of network latency

Real-time dynamic dashboard for traffic monitoring and “red zone” alerts



Relies on existing infrastructure

Requires no special certification

Protects both vehicles and pedestrians

Real-time and past traffic analyses may provide essential information for municipal authorities and city planners

Compatible with smartphones and car infotainment systems (SIM-based)

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