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Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: FRSX),
founded in July 2015, is a technology company engaged, through its wholly-owned subsidiary
Foresight Automotive Ltd., in the design, development and commercialization of stereo/quad camera vision systems and V2X cellular-based solutions for the automotive industry.


Foresight’s powerful and mature proprietary stereoscopic technology is derived from field-proven technology that has been deployed worldwide for almost two decades.

The company’s patented technology incorporates 3D video analysis, advanced algorithms
for image processing and sensor fusion.


Our Technology

Foresight's solutions are based on stereoscopic image technology.

Stereo technology is an image processing concept which uses two synchronized cameras to mimic the human depth perception and obtain 3D view.

Foresight’s unique solutions create and analyse a one-of-a-kind 3D image in order to foresee possible collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles, while providing highly accurate real time alerts with minimum false alerts.

Foresight’s solutions employ the use of a two-camera layout (visible light conditions) or a four-camera layout (24/7, all weather and lighting conditions) for a complete 3D image of the driving environment.


Foresight’s powerful and mature proprietary stereoscopic technology is derived from its major shareholder Magna B.S.P’s field-proven security technology that has been deployed worldwide for almost two decades and is IP-protected by patents.

Management Team

Haim Siboni


Mr. Haim Siboni is the founder of Foresight, and has served as Foresight’s Chief Executive Officer and Director since December 2015. Mr. Siboni, a passionate entrepreneur, has extensive Marketing and Business Management experience in the fields of electronics, video, TV, multimedia, computerizes systems, line and wireless telecommunication, design and development of systems and devices, including electro-optic radar systems.

Mr. Siboni is also the founder & CEO of Magna B.S.P, a leading innovator in the field of homeland security surveillance solutions. 

Levy Zruya

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Levy Zruya has served as our Chief Technology Officer since January 2019. Mr. Zruya is also the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Magna B.S.P Ltd., Foresight’s major shareholder. Mr. Zruya has extensive experience in the fields of electro-optics , electronics, software and communication, and was closely involved in several projects with the IDF and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), dealing with night vision systems , IR sensor simulations and target detection. Mr. Zruya holds a B.SC. in Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Eli Yoresh


Mr. Yoresh is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of executive and financial management experience, mainly with companies from the financial, technology and industrial sectors. Prior to joining Foresight, Mr. Yoresh served as the CEO of Tomcar Global Holdings Ltd.
Mr. Yoresh holds a BA in Management and Accounting and MA in Law studies.

Doron Cohadier

VP Business Development

Mr. Doron Cohadier is an entrepreneurial, highly motivated, strategic Business Development VP with managerial experience in large global companies. In addition, Mr. Cohadier has held a rich variety of senior managerial positions ranging from Project Management, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, topped with the relevant educational background (BSc in Engineering, followed by an Executive MBA).

Oren Bar-On

VP Operations

Mr. Oren Bar-On has more than 15 years of executive experience in the fields of Global Operations, Supply Chain, Business Excellence and Information Technology.
Mr. Bar-On has served in various global management positions in high growth public companies and has been responsible for the management and execution of Supply Chain and Manufacturing best practices.
Oren holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering Management and an MBA (graduated with Honors).

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